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Thomas Lloyd Barbering Academy breaks down all the latest styles, tips and everything about the barbering world.


Thomas Lloyd Barbering Academy breaks down all the latest styles, tips and everything about the barbering world.

Movember Tips: How to Look after Your New Moustache

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Taking part in Movember? If you’re looking for some moustache inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you through a few styles and give you some grooming tips to keep your moustache in tip-top condition. 

What is Movember? 

Movember was started back in 2003 by two friends, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery. What started as a lighthearted chat in an Australian bar has grown into a global movement. Initially, all the pair wanted was to see if they could bring the moustache back into fashion. Nowadays, every November (aka Movember) people all over the world get involved and raise money for men’s health projects. 

The Rules of Movember 

Want to get involved? Here are the official Movember rules: 

  1. Register on
  2. Shave it off! All participants must start with a clean shave (no head starts!).
  3. The challenge begins (babyfaced) on the 1st of November.
  4. You must grow and groom your moustache for one month! (no beards allowed).
  5. Raise awareness! Do your bit to talk about men’s health. 

Movember is all about the moustache! Now is the time to talk all things moustache and men’s health. Do your bit to help Movember raise funds for some very worthwhile causes.  

If you don’t want to shave that perfectly curated mane or can’t bear to be without your beard (it does get a bit chilly) there are other ways to get involved.

Brave the Shave

If you’ve spent years growing the most magnificent facial hair, would you sacrifice it all? Brave the shave on the 1st of November and get ready to start all over again – all for a good cause, of course! See this as an opportunity to do good and raise awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health and suicide prevention!

Known for an incredible handlebar tash? Got exquisite mutton chops? Think of the amount you could raise by braving the shave and starting all over again! Perhaps it’s time for a new look?

Movember Styles

Looking for some moustache style ideas ready for Movember? Take your pick…

                The first timer Photo: Movember

The First Timer

This may well be your first foray into the glamorous world of moustache cultivation. If so, don’t be disappointed if all you can conjure is a wisp. Every moustache is glorious in its own right. Wear that wisp with pride knowing you did Movember the right way.

Grooming tip: You may not have the genetics for epic face curtains, but that doesn’t mean you’re excused from grooming! Don’t forget to wash your moustache (though not too often) with products designed for facial hair and don’t be tempted to trim! Let that moustache grow (and tame later). Keep your face clean and exfoliated to help with growth. Use beard oil to keep your face moisturised and to keep irritable skin at bay. 

The Show off Photo: Movember

The Show Off

If you’re blessed with supernatural powers by the gods of facial hair, show it off (just not too much in front of the first-timers, please)!

Style and groom as you see fit. With those growing powers, you are unstoppable.

Grooming tip: A small amount of beard balm or moustache wax will do wonders. Trim with scissors or a precision trimmer, or visit us in the barber shop and we can talk you through a grooming routine! 

Mind the gap Photo: Movember

The Gappy one

Your moustache may not be very beautiful in those early days of growth, but it stands for something! It stands for caring for others and doing your bit for your bros. If the aim is to get the conversation going, perhaps you could bring up the early spurts of growth and unite with others on a mission to do good! 

Grooming tip: Whilst similar to the first timer, the gappy moustache has a little more substance. It still requires you to take some time and invest in some self-care. Things may get a little itchy at first, but patience is key.

If things get a little wispy around the mouth, trim with a pair of facial hair scissors. You can also use a moustache comb if it looks uneven.

Moustache Inspiration

If the above styles don’t quite hit the spot, how about something from the style guide? The Trucker or Abrakadabra get our vote. 

How to Care for your Moustache

Now that you’re committed to growing that Movember moustache, you’re going to want to know how to take care of it. If you want to look after your moustache, there are a few things you’ll need to do. It doesn’t have to be a hassle, just do it as part of your grooming routine and you’ll have a moustache that’s the talk of the town.

Wash: Give that moustache some TLC. Cleanse with a beard shampoo and conditioner every few days (washing too much can cause irritation). For bonus points, exfoliate once or twice a week to get rid of any dead skin cells. Don’t forget to dry your moustache thoroughly after washing, just as you would with your hair.

Moisturise: Use beard oil or balm to keep things soft. It will also help the skin underneath from drying out and prevent any irritation.

Comb: To prevent your moustache from getting too unruly, a comb can really help. Use before a shower or after you’ve used oil to evenly distribute it through your moustache. Brush upwards first and then brush everything back down into place.

Groom: During the first few weeks avoid cutting or shaving. You can trim if needed with a pair of scissors or clippers. Always trim when your moustache is dry to avoid cutting too much. Not sure of the best style? Pop into us for a free sculpt and trim!

The End of Movember

On the 30th of November, if you find yourself wondering what to do with your Movember moustache, why not pop into our barber shop! If you’re keeping it, we can shape it into something more manageable, recommend some products and give you some grooming tips! If you’re not, we’ll shave it off for free.

Good luck to all taking part in Movember. Long live the moustache! 

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