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Thomas Lloyd Barbering Academy breaks down all the latest styles, tips and everything about the barbering world.


Thomas Lloyd Barbering Academy breaks down all the latest styles, tips and everything about the barbering world.

The Benefits of Becoming a Barber: Why you Should become a Barber

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering becoming a barber. Admittedly we’re a little biased, and would agree that you should!

We love meeting different people, making people feel great, and earning a good living. No day is the same for a barber, we get to learn new things, hear so many stories, and build relationships with our customers.  

Nothing makes us happier than sharing our passion and knowledge. As Wales’ leading barbering academy, we’re proud to equip people with the best training to further strengthen our industry. We know our students finish their training confident and ready to start working. 

Why should you become a barber? Here are just a few of the benefits and reasons we think you should.  

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You can start at any age 

Here at Thomas Lloyd barbering academy, we’ve taught people from all over the world. We’ve had students who’ve just left school, people who are changing career, and even those who simply want to sharpen their skills. There is no right time to get into barbering. There are no specific rules about who can become a barber, it’s a career that suits just about everyone. All you need is a desire to learn and enthusiasm. It goes without saying, having an interest in hair helps a lot too! 

Be your own boss 

Being your own boss can mean opening your own store or renting a chair, whatever way you go there are different routes to choose from. You may choose to build up a customer base before opening your own place or want to focus on mobile barbering. There are plenty of options and a good degree of flexibility.  

You can also work from anywhere and move around if that’s something that interests you. There’s no right way to do it, that’s another great thing about choosing to become a barber.   

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The industry is growing 

Despite the difficulties presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, the growth of the industry has continued. The industry went through a period of significant growth in 2019, with data from Local Data Company, GB Retail & Leisure Market showing that 352 new barber shops opened in the UK during that year. 

The male grooming industry is growing rapidly, with more men interested in taking the time to have regular cuts as well as other grooming services. Industry statistics predict steady growth after a period of recovery following the pandemic. Figures have shown men are now visiting their barbers more regularly, on average booking in every two weeks for regular grooming.  

Barbers will always be needed 

There will always be a need for barbers. Plus, now more than ever there’s room to get creative and diversify. Want to open a barber shop and combine it with another passion? There’s always a need to innovate, and the only limit is your imagination. 

Barber shop and a bar, anyone? You can get creative in so many ways, especially if you open your own place. From design to products and services, you can carefully curate every detail and create your own personal brand.  

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You help people feel good 

What’s better than a fulfilling, varied role that has the added benefit of helping people feel good? It’s not just a haircut, a visit to the barber can be transformative. You’ll know how good it feels to look your best, so being able to give that to others is a bonus.  

You can take pride in what you do knowing you’re making someone look and feel good. The social aspect of this is job is great too, for barbers and customers. If you like getting to know people, this job will deliver. Building rapport with customers means you can build your network, as well as potentially making new friends. 

Trust us, we could go on and on about why being a barber is so good. Obviously there are downsides, as there are with any job, but the good very often outweighs the bad. If you’re looking to retrain, change jobs, or even start your career, we have different courses to choose from.  

Got any questions? Check out our FAQs for more, or even give us a shout. 

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